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Life in Flow

I have worked with V&V of data-intensive systems from 2012-2017 as part of Certus-SFI in Simula. My research entailed developing methods and tools to find anomalies, perform combinatorial interaction testing, and analyzing re-identification risk on personal data systems at Toll Customs and Kreftregisteret. With Kreftregisteret, I also got the unique opportunity to measure societal impact of software interventions thanks to their registry. We developed FightHPV, a mobile game (now with 10,000+ downloads in 47 countries) intervention, to increase cervical cancer screening attendance. This work received considerable media attention

Due to encounters at the coffee machine and mutual interest I teamed up with two entrepreneurs in the Grunder Garasje of Simula Research Laboratory to co-found Sweetzpot in 2015. At Sweetzpot I work with product development, market studies and sales of two IoT products: Oarzpot (a power meter for rowers) and FLOW (a breathing+HR sensor with many applications). Using a lean approach we develop minimal viable products to engage customers and create a feedback loop. For instance, we have tested and sold our IoT products at events organized by World Rowing (using Oarzpot for best stroke competitions), Norwegian Rowing Championships, singers using FLOW in collaboration with the RITMO center of excellence at UiO. Our outreach through digital marketing has also generated unforeseen applications as a medical device. A large clinical study is being carried out for detecting sleep apnea using FLOW at the Oslo University Hospital and other possibilities in e-Health are burgeoning. As a computer scientist on the team, I develop real-time and post-processing algorithms for sensor data, mobile interface designs to improve product/market fit, methods for systematic user testing, and also experiment with non-linear  time series analysis and machine learning approaches on time series data from sensors.

Contact Information

Office Address: Simula Research Laboratory, Martin Linges Vei, Fornebu, Norge

Postal Address: Simula Research Laboratory, PB 134, 1325 Lysaker, Norway

Mobile Phone: +47 452 76 936