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I am interested in  the verification and validation of  software systems that interact with society (socio-technical systems) and the physical world (cyber-physical systems). 

My work  impacts actors in both the public and private sector. My closest collaborators include the Cancer Registry of Norway, Sweetzpot AS, and the Directorate of Customs and Excise, Norway.

In the past I have worked with software for molecular dynamics simulation/visualization, graph/model transformations, modelling/programming languages, formal methods, and compilers. 

Contact me for information on these projects.


Sweetzpot AS is a company I co-founded in Norway along with Arne Laugstol, Håvard Bjor, Tomas Ruiz Lopez, Yuanrui Li, Manoel Ribeiro, and Tore Sandberg, and Marcus Noack. We develop a sensor system that manifests itself into measurement of  breathing in any sport, measurement of forces in a rowing oar and forces of skis, slings for rehabilitation, and much more. This is exciting stuff! Follow Sweetzpot's activities on Facebook :)

News: We are running a crowd financing campaign for Sweetzpot until May 17, 2017. Click here and become an investor.

Contact Information

Office Address: Simula Research Laboratory, Martin Linges Vei, Fornebu, Norge

Postal Address: Simula Research Laboratory, PB 134, 1325 Lysaker, Norway

Mobile Phone: +47 452 76 936