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I am interested in  the verification and validation of  software systems that interact with society (buzz word: socio-technical systems) and the physical world (buzz word: cyber-physical systems). 

My current projects are with Directorate of Customs, Norway and the Cancer Registry of Norway, Sweetzpot AS. 

In the past I have worked with software for molecular dynamics simulation/visualization, graph/model transformations, modelling/programming languages, formal methods, and compilers. 

Contact me for information on these projects.


Sweetzpot AS is a company I co-founded in Norway along with Arne Laugstol, Håvard Bjor, Tomas Ruiz Lopez, Yuanrui Li, Manoel Ribeiro, and Tore Sandberg, and Marcus Noack. We develop a sensor system that manifests itself into measurement of  breathing in any sport, measurement of forces in a rowing oar and more. This is exciting stuff! Follow Sweetzpot's activities on Facebook :)

Contact Information

Office Address: Simula Research Laboratory, Martin Linges Vei, Fornebu, Norge

Postal Address: Simula Research Laboratory, PB 134, 1325 Lysaker, Norway

Mobile Phone: +47 452 76 936